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Wesley is a very handsome large pony gelding who is looking for his new partner! Wesley is approximately 14-15 years old and stands at 13.3hh (sticked). He is a beautiful bay roan color. Wesley came from an Amish family who's boys have moved on to a full sized driving horse. Wesley both rides and drives (we haven't hitched him due to not having a cart large enough). His previous owners state that if you can sit behind a cart, you can drive him! Wesley will gladly walk, trot, canter and stop undersaddle. We rode him bridle less with absolutely no issues. We actually think that he would prefer to be ridden in a bitless bridle or bosal, but we do not have one. Wesley was very willing to go wherever we pointed him. He loves water! He neck reins like a champ! He was very tolerant of all our shenanigans (dogs, fire ring, riding backwards etc.) He was willing and quiet with our son aboard! If you are looking for a sweet gelding to have fun on the trails, Wesley is your guy! Make sure to check out his video. Located in Williamstown, PA.  Priced at One Thousand Four Hundred. No trials, trades or leases. If you are seriously interested, PLEASE CALL 570-985-4687. It is sometimes difficult to keep up with all the comments and private messages!