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A Little About Us... 
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As we begin a new year in 2017 I would like to cover some things for our followers (some background, policies, ect)
~ Black Creek Horses has been a licensed LLC since 2012. We buy and sell quality horses mostly geared toward trails. We do also sell drafts, minis, crossbreds and gaited stock as they become available. We also have a very active consignment service. We have many consigners who provide quality horses throughout the year! 
~ We ask that anyone who is seriously interested in a horse to give us a CALL. Our number is (570) 985-4687 (our number is posted in every ad). Due to the number of horses we have for sale and the fact that they are advertised on many different pages, it is difficult to see every message/ comment. We do our best, but calling is always the best way to get ahold of us. 
~ No appointments will be scheduled through PM or comment. Anyone who would like to come to see a horse is asked to call. We always like to talk to a potential buyer before scheduling an appointment (we will turn a buyer away if we feel the horse will not be a good match)
~ Here at BCH we do our very best to include everything we know about a horse in the ad. When a horse is on consignment we provide as much information from the owner as we can (If a horse is found to be unsafe or if they are misrepresented to us they are sent back to the consigner). 
~ Every ad states what vet work the horse has. We do not do PPE when we purchase horses or when we accept them on consignment. Every horse we sell is welcome to a PPE BEFORE the horse leaves our property. If the ad DOES NOT state that the horse is UTD on shots, current coggins, ect … than the horse will not have these. If as a purchaser, you would like these things done it can be arranged with our vet. Some horses come with all the vet work (minus the PPE) already complete, others do not. Read the ads carefully. 
~ We do not often label our horses “beginner safe”. We have found that everyone’s version of beginner/ intermediate/ advanced rider can be different. We do our best to put these horses to the test and do thorough videos of each. If you’re interested feel free to call us and we can talk about your riding skills and judge if it’s a horse you may want to come and try.
~ Horses that we own as well as some of our consignment horses are sometimes negotiable on the price (some are not). Although some may be negotiable, it is often not by the thousands. We often appreciate if a purchaser could come and see a horse before trying to negotiate on the price. But if what you’re able to spend is considerably lower than the asking price, please make this known before you make the appointment
~ We do not do ANY trials, leases, payment plans or trades 
I hope this helped in answering some of the FAQ and helped some of you to get to know us better!